Every generation of the Mahaffey family has taken the same vested interest in every job and client.  Mahaffey’s unwavering dedication to each client has built a loyal clientele. Mega-companies, widely-respected soils engineers, award-winning architects, and home-builders look to us to evaluate, estimate, and execute our responsibilities efficiently and accurately. 

The Mahaffey legacy in the deep foundation industry began in the 1920’s when J.R. Mahaffey established J.R. Mahaffey and Sons.  His son, Don, opened Don H. Mahaffey Drilling Company in 1946.  After Don’s death in 1979, his son Michael continued the family’s commitment to providing quality deep foundation services.  When Mike suddenly passed away in 1993, his wife Patricia took the helm.  Now, the fourth generation of the Mahaffey family has taken the reins.  Ashley is deeply invested in seeing the growth of their family business and the continued pursuit of improving the company’s practices.

Past Articles about Don H. Mahaffey Drilling Co.:

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